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stroking my way to escapism

9:39 AM 8/21/08 · Under normal conditions my sex drive is high but I've got something of a handle on it, no pun intended. May be that usually I'm working so it's not like I can haul out at the office and engage in some personal happy. Still feel the burning NEED but I can hold off from giving into it. Similar to when I'm visiting family for any length of time...

...on some level I view it innappropriate and just don't engage.

I haven't had sex since May, though I have engaged in a heated liplock for a couple hours since then. I was also laid off since then too. The two are not working well with each other right now as my sex drive is skyrocketing. This isn't unusual for this time of year which is either due to an ancient biological clock most human ignore nowadays and I'm reacting to it being mating season...

...or something about really hot weather just makes me horny as all get out.

Course, that's not the whole thing. Pretty much anything makes me horny. I actually texted about a dozen people yesterday asking them for something to help me take my mind off of sex. That didn't go so well. Got suggestions for cold shouwers, which I countered with I find the cold quite painful and that my brain immediately starts thinking sex to warm my body up. Some suggested exercise but that doesn't work as I view sex as a very gratifying form of exercise as it works out the entire body, if you're doing it right, and gets all systems operating at peak performance.

This is something of a problem in itself. About a decade back I used to challenge people to come up with anything that had nothing to do with sex and my overly imaginative head would spin off any number of ways of showing how it actually did. There may be things that have nothing to do with sex but I could still make it seem like it does regardless.

It's a curse.

Anyway, normally I only get myself off twice a day; once at night to help me sleep and once in the morning to help me wake up. Ironically, that morning one works against me if I don't get out of bed right after cuz I'll pass out. Given my little problem being what it is, tends to take me 45 minute to an hour to get myself to orgasm but it's usually time well spent. Even if the orgasm is a tad substandard...it still gives me what I need for a few hours.

Yes, I have a monkey in my lap.

Bet no one ever thought to phrase it like that before.

As I said, that's the normal way things go. Recently though I've been averaging between 2 to 5 times a day. Usually not quite so much....but it happens. Largely the only thing preventing from having sex is the ones I'm involved with are very into their own lives at the moment, got to make de big bucks, so that they have little time for anything else, like sleep. That's a small comfort but I still miss them and I'm horny as all get out and my brain's exploding...

...so I relieve the pressure in any way that I can.

I'm sure you can guess the most popular one.

Oddly, I'm not getting much in the way of dehydrated but I'm hardly complaining.

Tend to go Vaseline for myself, only really go water based lube when I'm having sex. It's a small benefit my own way as that first one is good for the skin on my hand and I've yet to find a good water based one that actually benefits my skin. Which may be something of a moot point given there was a recent bit on the news stating that most skin moisturizers have been shown to be cancer causers...

...and that's about that.
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