Stan (stwarren) wrote in climbingthewall,

Sex and addiction

I came to LJ to try to figure out my now nearly 35 year struggle with being a sexual man. There's a lot of discussion around LJ about this. There are a lot of people who are trying to stop some sort of conflict they have with sex. It seems like all of us are doing things a little differently. Some of us want to stop destructive behavior, some of us want to exhibit ourselves here anonymously, some of us get off on blogging.  We've all got different agendas. In many respects it is refreshing to be able to talk openly about many of these taboo subjects. There's something about that that is healthy. We try to repress all of these urges and thoughts in our public world. Most of us, I think, feel trapped.

I wonder, how many people out there find these anonymous LJ communities to be helpful. I am of two minds. Although I said that it is in many respects very good to be able to be open about problems we can't otherwise talk about, sometimes--many times, given what I've seen, LJ tends to foster a lot of sex obsession. There are just a lot of people out there who want to show off their bodies. I know that I have strong urges to exhibit myself, though I've never done it. It makes me really excited to think about others getting off on my body. The other thing is that for those of us trying to find a healthy path, the temptations are vast.

We are all very sexual beings and that is all part of us. How to come to terms with our sex seems to be the big problem.
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