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might be worth a look

On the NBC evening news, at 11pm, they're doing a program on sex addiction.

By the by, rather than do this in a separate post, someone who will remain nameless messaged me over the weekend with a complaint of sorts. It was said that my "HA HA, I LOVE SEX AND CHOCOLATE MAKES ME HAPPY" attitude was offensive to be posted in communities for sex addiction. I'd like to address that for a moment.

I am sorry that my not being a sullen, depressed, deeply pained, agonized moody, individual is bothering others with my affliction. I would apologize for this if I didn't think it was a ridiculous accusation to make. It's not that I'm not hurting and it is most certainly not that I am coming across as happy as some ploy to cause hardship on others. My nature is to be fairly goofy and silly and hopelessly optimistic and that may be the one thing, along with a strict sexual code I strive not to violate, that has prevented me from fully collapsing and giving into my urges in ways I would most certainly regret after the fact.

Basically, if said person is reading this, know that my being happy is my way of coping and while I may not always be as joyful as I appear (years of helping friends and strangers with their problems rather than deal with my own may've helped develop a slight facade) I am at least a bit. There are times I get so beyond sunk into a bottomless pit of despair that I shut down completely...

...but I have a multitude of ways to distract myself from there that have never grown old. Generally I don't write something up when I'm like that and by the time I'm in a typing mood again I'll recall what I went through but I'm in better spirits.

Or, to put it another way, if you can't deal with my not being a sullen, depressed (you know the rest)...tough.
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